The 2022 EPS Forum

Soutien SFP

The European Physical Society (EPS) joins forces with its 42 Member Societies, 18 Divisions and Groups and 40 Associate Members to organise all together the first edition of the EPS FORUM that will take place on-site at Sorbonne University, Paris, between the 2nd and 4th of June 2022.

The format of the EPS Forum will include a series of conferences, round tables and workshops on the following topics:
- Condensed matter physics: from quantum materials to additive manufacturing
- Energy and sustainability, transportation and technology
- Accelerators, high-energy particle physics, nuclear physics
- Quantum technologies and photonics
- Machine learning and artificial intelligence
- Biophysics, technological sequencing of proteins, pandemic, cancer treatments.

 The EPS Forum aims at showcasing the latest developments in the above fields both from their potential links with the industry and current opportunities of employment for our young generation of physicists and from the most recent achievements in fundamental science.

The EPS Forum will dedicate two days for each of these goals.

The first day of this event aims at bringing doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows closer to physics-based companies, by promoting research and technological developments carried out in the industrial sector.


The second day will host a general conference in physics on the same fields, addressed from a more fundamental point of view and sponsored by high-profile scientists. Round tables will also be dedicated to societal issues.

This combination provides a unique forum to obtain informative overviews and discuss recent advances in a wide spectrum of topics, to meet in person the most qualified personalities in research including Nobel laureates, and to exchange directly with CEOs, representatives and stakeholders of the industrial sector connected to the above selected topics.


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