Call for nominations for the EPS Emmy Noether Distinction - Autumn/Winter

In 2013, the European Physical Society [EPS] launched the Emmy Noether Distinction to recognise noteworthy women physicists.


Emmy Noether, with her fundamental and revolutionary work in the areas of abstract algebra and theoretical physics, is a role model for future generations of physicists. The laureates of the Emmy Noether Distinction are chosen for their capacity to inspire with their scientific merits the next generation of scientists, and especially encourage women to pursue a career in physics.

The previous recipients of the Emmy Noether distinction are:

Dr. Catalina Curceanu, INFN Frascati , Italy (2017)

Dr. Patricia Bassereau, IC-CNRS Paris,France (2016)

De. Eva Monroy (2016), INAC-CEA Grenoble,France (2016)

Prof. Sibylle Günter, MPI- IPP Erlangen, Germany (2015)

Prof. Anna Fontcuberta i Morral, EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland (2015)

Prof. Anne L’Huillier, Faculty of Engineering, LTH Lund, Sweden (2014)

Dr. Rumiana Dimova, MPI Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam, Germany (2014)

Prof. Nynke Dekker, TU Delft, Netherlands (2013)

Dr. Alessandra Gatti, IFN-CNR Como, Italy (2013)


The EPS Emmy Noether Distinction for Women in Physics is awarded twice a year. The selection committee, appointed by the EPS Equal Opportunities Committee, will consider nominations for female scientists working in Europe.

To make a nomination  :

To make a nomination, please, email the following information to the EPS Secretariat :

- A cover letter, detailing (in no more than 3 paragraphs) the motivation for awarding the Emmy Noether distinction to the nominee;

- The nominee’s name, institution and email;

- The nominee’s résumé;

- The nominator’s name, institution, and email.


Download the distinction charter : 

Read more about the Emmy Noether Distinction  on the EPS website.

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